“My Favorite part of MY COLORS Speak is the fact that through fun art activities my daughter was able to work on her behavior. The therapist facilitated  positive interactions between me and my daughter and through this program I could  see the positive outcomes on her development and her behavior. It is worth it!"  

B., Mom of a typically developing 3 year-old                                                                                                                                                  "Una de mis partes favoritas de My Colors Speak program fue ver a mis hijas completamte naturales y expresivas mientras participaban en el programa, su confinza y seguridad se vieron marcadas al final de la sesion. Y el hecho de que exista una obra hechas por sus manos vuelven a reenforzar lo aprendido y sentido en ese momento.  

F., Dad of a 14 year-old with Autism and a typically developing 15 year-old

"My triplets recently participated in a My Colors Speak group session. I was impressed by the way the therapist had them work in a collaborative way. The triplets had multiple ideas and the therapist was able to help them  work as a team so they could create a UNIQUE Masterpiece . I know by using ABA strategies this process helped them work on their specific goals while fostering their creativity.  Every time they now look at their Masterpiece displayed at our home; it brings them back to a meaningful and happy moment."  It  is an experience they will never forget...   

G., Dad of  6 year-old  triplets                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Video Testimonial of a My Colors Speak-group session: