Services offered in English or Spanish

Option # 1: My Colors Speak-one on one sessions

After we conduct an assessment, we write a customized behavior plan and specific skill acquisition goals. Based on the assessment, we work on a variety of targets, such as flexibility, desensitization, communication, and independent leisure. The parent does not necessarily need to participate in the activities, but must be present during the session. Learner creates and keeps his/her Masterpiece. 

Option # 2: My Colors Speak BMOD-parent-child/learner sessions

After we conduct an assessment, we write a customized behavior plan and specific skill acquisition goals. We work on a variety of targets, such as flexibility, desensitization, communication, and independent leisure.  We also write parent specific goals and the parent participates in the activities at all times.  Learner and family create and keep their Masterpiece.  

Option # 3: My Colors Speak-sibling sessions

Siblings generally have such a big influence in our learners' lives. Using principles of ABA we work on a variety of specific goals with the learner and his/her sibling based on the learner's assessment. We  also concentrate  on building social skills. Siblings create and keep  their Masterpiece.

Option # 4: My Colors Speak-group sessions

In a group setting, we work on specific ABA goals based on each learners assessment. We also create and use natural opportunities to work on social skill goals. Each group participant creates and keeps his/her Masterpiece. 

Artist Biography

Vanessa Mejia—The creator of My Colors Speak program is an Abstract Expressionist painter born in Medellin, Colombia. She began painting at a young age with the encouragement of her Mother Gloriace who is a well-known sculptor and interior decorator. Mejia studied at San Diego State University where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Child and Family Development, her minor in Fine Arts, and her Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. During her studies, she discovered her true devotions. Fine Arts and Art Therapy. Vanessa began to work with children who had disabilities and with adults who had brain injuries. She helped them express their feelings and emotions by using symbols, colors, and shapes. This experience led her to present for the first time in New York: her collection titled “Beyond Appearance.” In this collection, she was specifically inspired by children with special needs where she emphasized their abilities.


Mejia’s inspiration first comes from God and his creation. Mejia captures the eye by her use of colors, which forms expressions with simplicity of style and form. She says that instead of concentrating on objects, her main emphasis is on the intensity, contrast, and depth achieved by each brush stroke combining reasons and emotions as a perception of life. 

Vanessa has had many Solo and Group exhibitions throughout her career as an Artist. Some of her most recent exhibitions include, a private Art Show sponsored by Citigroup in Warren, New Jersey and a Solo Art Show at the W Hotel in New York City’s Times Square. In 2008, the General Consul of Colombia in New York City selected Mejia to represent Colombia at FORJE Art—an International Art and Fashion event at the Queens Museum of Art and recently represented Colombia as an Artist in Mexico at the Museum of Tecate.

When Mejia became a BCBA- Board Certified Behavior Analyst   she decided to combine her two fields : Fine Arts and Behavior Analysis by creating “My Colors Speak” An inclusive art program , which uses principles of ABA-Applied Behavioral Analysis-A research-based therapy and methodologies of Theory of Mind to help  typically developed and individuals with conditions,  such as Autism, Down Syndrome and ADHD find their talents and reach their behavioral and developmental goals. 


Art Exhibits

2018-Cortica Clinic-Advanced Neurological Therapies for individuals with Autism-San Diego, California

2017-2016-Media Arts Center-San Diego, California

2015-Solo Art Exhibit-RIGEN Museo del Vino-Medellin, Colombia 

2015-Group Art Exhibit-"La Onda Arte Latino" Gallery-"A Show of Love-" San Diego, California 

2014-Group Art Exhibit-"La Onda Arte Latino" Gallery-"Colombia es Arte Colombia es Pasion-" San Diego, California

2014-"Ominipresent" Original auctioned to partly sponsor the movie titled "Salome (Infinite love)" in New York City-Movie in production.

 2013-Group Art Exhibit/Auction-Colombian Education Fund-New York, New York

2013-Group Art Exhibit-Hispanic Arts Theater-San Diego, California

2012-Arte Loft Galeria-Medellin Colombia 

2012-Inspiration Café Boutique-Medellin Colombia 

2012-Solo Art Exhibit-Relm Wine Bistro-Carlsbad, California

2012-Group Art Exhibit-Center for Community & Cultural Arts-San Diego, California

2012-Group Art Exhibit-Centro Cultural de La Raza-San Diego, California

2012- Solo Art Exhibit-The Steakhouse At Azul- La Jolla, California

2011- Solo Art Exhibit-Hopkins Vineyard, New Preston, Connecticut


2011-Solo Art Exhibit at the Colombian Consulate in New York

2011- Solo Art Exhibit-Jordan Restaurant/Tower 23 Hotel, San Diego, California 

2011- Group Art Exhibit-Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen, Oceanside, California 

2011-Featured Guest Artist at the Negulescu Studio-Coalesce Gallery

        San Diego, California 

2011-Group Art Exhibit at Maria Maria Restaurant

         San Diego, California

2011-Group Art Exhibit Latino Film Festival

          San Diego, California

2008-Solo Art Show-Queens Museum of Art

         Queens, New York

2008-Solo Art Show-W Hotel Times Square

         New York, New York

2007-Collaborative Art Show-Queens Museum of Art

         Queens, New York

2007-Solo Art Show- Sponsored by City Group 

         Warren, New Jersey

2007-Solo Art Show-Double Tree Hotel

         Colombian Chamber of Commerce

          San Diego, California

2007-Solo Art Show-Consulate General of Colombia 

         New York, New York

2007-Solo Art Show-San Diego Padres

         San Diego, California

2007-Buon Appetito Restorante-Little Italy

         San Diego, California 

2007-Art Show-Donation for KIDSAVE International

          Rancho Santa Fe, California

2006-Solo Art Show-"Casa de Colombia" Balboa Park

         San Diego, California

2006-Collaborative Art Show-"Hacienda de Isa Galeria"

         San Diego, California

2006-Art Walk-Learning Services

          Escondido, California 

2005-Solo Art Show-Colombian Consulate

          Beverly Hills, California

2005-Solo Art Show-Kent Wilson Law Offices

          Downtown-San Diego, California

2005-Collaborative Art Show

          Expressions of Mexico Art  Gallery

          San Diego, California 

2005-Del Mar Hilton-Colombian Chamber of Commerce

         Del Mar, California

2004-Collaborative Art Show-"Unidos por Colombia"

          Pasadena Community College

          Pasadena, California

2004-Del Mar Hilton-Colombian Chamber of Commerce

         Del Mar, California

2003-Collaborative Art Show-Downtown Art Gallery

          Los Angeles, California

2003-Collaborative Art Show

          San Diego State University

          International Student Center

          San Diego, California

1996-Solo Art Show-"Gloriace"

         Barranquilla, Colombia